Eye camps are a regular feature at HMH

Two years have passed since Hindu Mission Hospital and Sankara Eye Care Centre joined together to host eye camps for the needy in and around the Trichy area.

Eye camps are now a very regular feature at HMH, and every month, we are proud to be serving the needy in the community and helping restore their precious eyesight by conducting the camp and selecting patients for free treatment at Sankara Eye in Coimbatore.

HMH thanks Sankara Eye once again for their committment to this noble mission and is proud to be a part of it.

Measurements are taken by expert technicians who receive ample time to make the device and fit it in the following month’s camp. A follow-up at the subsequent camp ensures that any glitches are corrected by technicians. As the life of the device is less than three years, such regular camps allow beneficiaries to get back for a replacement.

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